If you are working with small organization that have limited budgets. Getting enterprise tools can be somewhat of a challenge, so if that’s the case. If you managing some network infrastructure, then you will need to update the ios. My favorite choice is pscp , for one its free and readily available. Below is the cli commands to get that ios moving.

Note: Ensure you have pscp installed.


Pscp.exe -scp cat3k.my.cisco.ios.bin username@xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx:cat3k.my.cisco.ios.bin


pscp.exe is the application we are using to getting the ios moving

-scp referrs the the secure copy protocol used to transfer the file

xxx.xxx.xxx.xx this is your ip address of the device you wish to sent to

: the colon represent to root direction in which the file will be sent (On most cisco devices the will be the flash: )

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