There are a lot of new features with the new Windows 11. There will be updates to the Start Menu, Microsoft Teams, and the appearance of the software itself.

Here are some of the new features of Windows 11:

•   The Start menu and Taskbar will be centered on the desktop.  The design will be cleaner with rounded corners and pastel shades.

•   Widgets will now be available directly from the new Taskbar with personalization.

•   Microsoft Teams will be an integrated feature on the Taskbar.  The ability to access Teams from Windows, Mac, Android, and iOS will be available.

•   Windows 11 will allow the user to virtual desktops similar to macOS. The user will be able to toggle between work, personal, school, and gaming desktops and customize each one. The toggling feature is incorporated. .  The user will be able to toggle between work, personal, school, and gaming desktops and customize each one.

•   Windows 11 will create a smoother transition concerning multitasking and switching from a monitor to a laptop.   The new OS will feature Snap Groups and Snap Layouts.  These are collections of apps in use on the Taskbar.  The user will be able to come up or minimize all simultaneously for easier task switching.  These features will also make it easier to plug and unplug a monitor without losing the location of opened windows.

Originally, Microsoft had stated that Android apps would be integrated into the new Windows 11 but later stated that there would be a delay.  Now, the much-awaited new feature has been set back, with no definitive timeline as to when they will be available in the new Windows Store.  

Newer PCs and laptops will download the new Windows 11 as an upgrade to the current Windows 10.  Older versions of Windows 10 will not be able to take advantage of the newer version.  There may be a manual download of an unsupported version of Windows 11, but it probably will not be eligible for Microsoft updates.

When Windows 11 becomes available in October 2021, the download will be accessible under the Settings menu on the desktop or laptop.  From Settings, navigate to Update &Security>Windows Update and then click Check for Updates.  It will show as a Feature Update to Windows 10.  Download and install the update.

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